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All users. Learners can publish either an exam review or an explanation. Mentors, in addition, can publish figures, tables, audios and videos.

Prior approval is not required to publish.

The platform is designed to promote quality content with the following aspects integrated into its design.

  • Author profiles are displayed with each publication. Therefore users are more likely to extensively self-review the quality prior to publishing content.
  • As per Guidelines for publication on LEARNefficient, every content must be referenced to internationally reputed textbooks, high impact peer reviewed journals, or widely accepted association guidelines. This ensures accuracy of facts.
  • Authors can continually improve published content based on user feedback through comments and ratings.
  • ‘Share’, facilitates soliciting of peer reviews.
  • User rating promotes desirable publications and relegates suboptimal content. Rating bias is minimized by an algorithm that prioritizes user rating over average rating to determine the order of displaying publications.
  • The number of possible publications are limited by the ownership slots available to a user. Initially, 1 ownership slot for a learner and 5 for a mentor are available.

    Based on ratings and views for each publication, users are awarded additional ownership slots.

    The order of display of each publication is determined by its rating and your rating takes precedence over average rating. E.g. A publication with an average rating of 4.2 will be listed on top if you rate it 5, regardless of a publication with a rating of 4.5. In case you choose not to rate, the publication with the highest average rating will be listed on top.

    LEARNefficient is free. Users will be informed well in advance of any pricing proposals.

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