Welcome to LEARNefficient

  1. Introduction
    1. Thank you for choosing us. LEARNefficient is a global academic network in medical education that enables users to publish and access content in their topics of interest.
      1. Publish: content posted in the form of text, images, audios and videos.
      2. Access: permission for viewing content on the platform.
    2. Violation of the terms of service laid out below may result in termination of account, and be subject to laws and regulations pertaining to your region.
  2. Eligibility for use
    1. Users must be of ages 16yrs and above to access the platform.
    2. The posts are primarily intended for LEARNers and mentors of Medical or allied specialities and may contain graphic content or nudity inappropriate for certain users. User discretion is advised in viewing content.
  3. Pricing
    1. Access to LEARNefficient is free.
    2. Users will be informed of pricing proposals if any, in advance.
  4. Profile
    1. Users must update their profile picture and credentials to post content on LEARNefficient.
    2. Creating fake profiles, initiating phoney references or impersonating individuals is prohibited and may be subject to laws and regulations of your region.
  5. Content on the platform
    1. Users must adhere to the Guidelines for publication on LEARNefficient at all times.
    2. By uploading content you grant LEARNefficient, all rights for royalty-free use, sub-licencing, and monetization.
    3. The uploaders will retain their copyrights.
    4. Users must maintain copies of all content posted on the platform. LEARNefficient shall not be responsible for loss or removal of content due to technical, academic, or other reasons.
    5. Ceding of a publication by a user will not result in immediate removal of the content from the platform.
    6. LEARNefficient may retain a copy of publications even after its removal from the platform.
    7. LEARNefficient does not guarantee the accuracy of content or recommend the implementation of principles expressed by individuals on the platform.
    8. The content on the platform is not medical advice. Users must refer to appropriate sources for guidance on evaluation or management of diseases.
  6. Warranty and liability
    1. This service is offered on an “as is” basis.
    2. We do not provide any warranties and the service may be altered, functionalities changed, or terminated in part or whole at any point.
    3. LEARNefficient assumes no liabilities for damages resulting from use of the service.
  7. Plagiarism
    1. The platform observes a zero-tolerance policy to plagiarism. Adhering to the following principles are helpful
      1. Summarize facts from multiple sources in the author's own words. Avoid paraphrasing; never copy-paste.
      2. Cite all sources; the use of a citation manager for precise bibliography formatting in NLM style is recommended.
      3. Utilize appropriate plagiarism detection tools before publishing.
      4. Authors should be aware of the increasing risk of plagiarism when two or more words are used verbatim from any source.
    2. Plagiarism detected through feedback from multiple users or copyright owners will result in prompt removal of content, loss or publication rights and potential termination of the account.
  8. Copyrights
    1. The content uploaded must be user-generated and owned. The user must assume full responsibility for the authenticity of uploaded content.
      1. Copyrighted content must not be uploaded to the platform without the permission of the copyright holder; in such cases, the user must secure necessary permissions, mention the phrase “published with permission” and explicitly state the details of the copyright holder and permitting authority.
    2. LEARNefficient assumes no responsibility for copyright infringements by the users.
    3. If a copyright infringement is brought to the notice of LEARNefficient by the copyright holder, the content will be removed from the platform. This may also result in loss of future publication rights, suspension, or termination of the user account.
    4. Users must adhere to the copyright laws applicable to their region, violation of which may result in penalties including fines and/or imprisonment.
  9. Prohibited content and activity
    1. Downloading or distributing content uploaded to the platform unless explicitly permitted by LEARNefficient or content creator / owner. Any permission is based on an implied fair-use for educational purposes.
      1. Under no circumstances must the content be used on competing services or for commercial purposes.
      2. If use is permitted, the platform and the content creator/owner should be acknowledged.
    2. Use methods, automated or manual, to extract data including but not limited to usage statistics, or personal information.
    3. Inflammatory content pertaining to politics, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality and gender orientation.
    4. Pornography, vulgar language, hate speech, and cyber bullying.
    5. Impersonation, inappropriate product promotions, fake engagement, spams, and scams.
    6. Graphic content other than for educational purposes to appropriate audiences.
  10. Update of the terms of service
    1. The terms of service will be periodically updated and continued use of the service will be subject to approval of the same.